Alana Joseph

Columbia, MD
WT:130 LBS
07/27/2015Volleyball Summer Camp - High School School  
02/04/2015College PREP - Baltimore, MD Play in this window
12/09/2014MD Elite Team Video Play in this window
11/18/2014Maryland Elite Club Team (16-1)  
11/08/2014Volleyball Factory - Maryland Elite Tryout  
11/02/2014National Tryout - Baltimore, MD  
10/25/2014Volleyball Factory - Maryland Elite Clinic  
Alana Joseph Columbia, MD 800-641-4487
Grad Year:2017Height:5'9Weight: 130 LBS
Position OH Hand:    
High School:OAKLAND MILLS HIGH SCHOOL Club Team:Maryland Elite
Grading Scale

Athletic Assessment

Standing Reach: 90'' Block Touch: 112'' Approach Touch: 115'' Short Shuttle Run: 6.94

Technical Assessment

Serve: 7 Serve Receive: 6 Attack: 6 Block: 6 Dig: 6 Setting: N/A

Technical Focus

  • (CT) Jump Top Spin
  • Contact
  • Movement
  • Contact & Follow Through
        Notes Evaluations Are Reviewed by Kristee Porter
        02/04/2015 - College PREP - Baltimore, MD - Alana is working to build on the foundation she already has as a player. She showed balance in all skills with the ability to continue to grow and work to elevate skill. She seems willing to know more and once information is provided has the ability to make changes. She ranks above average at her position but there are still signs of youth. I would like to see her compete and train at a high level in order to see how fast she can make corrections and how easily she could get to the next level of play for her position. In regards to serving, Alana can work on the consistency of her toss and hand contact on ball so that she is capable of having a consistent serve. In serve receive, she stays in a low body position, but can have a stronger platform and work on passing a more consistent ball to target as well as anticipating where the ball is going in serve receive based on the server behind the line. I would like for her to be more vocal on the court and I am sure that will happen as she gains more confidence through playing experience. Defensively, she has the ability to dig a hard ball, but needs to anticipate the tip more. She can improve this reaction time by having her weight on her toes, instead of on her heels. Offensively, she has great potential, but can work on reaching higher when she is contacting the ball, having a stronger wrist, and a firm hand on contact. While blocking, Alana touches many balls, but can improve her footwork, penetration, and communication. By improving her footwork she will be able to stay out of the net, have good spacing with other blockers, and not swing her arms at balls that are close to the net. Overall, Alana is still improving as a player but is on the right track as she works to smooth out her play.