Alexis Christians

Logan, IA
WT:147 LBS
12/10/2017College PREP - Omaha, NE Play in this window
Alexis Christians Logan, IA 800-641-4487
Grad Year:2019Height:5'11Weight: 147 LBS
Position MB Hand: Right   
High School:Logan-Magnolia Club Team:Attack Volleyball Club
Grading Scale

Athletic Assessment

Standing Reach: 88'' Block Touch: 107'' Approach Touch: 108'' Short Shuttle Run: 5.20

Technical Assessment

Serve: 4 Serve Receive: 5 Attack: 5 Block: 4 Dig: 4 Setting: N/A

Technical Focus

  • (CT) Float
  • Posture
  • Toss
  • Weight Transfer
  • Contact
  • Movement
  • Platform
  • Approach
  • Timing
  • Plant & Takeoff
  • Arm Swing
  • Positioning
  • Timing
  • Position Specific Footwork
  • Movement
  • Emergency Skills
    Notes Evaluations Are Reviewed by Kristee Porter
    12/10/2017 - College PREP - Omaha, NE - Alexis Christians is a 2019 middle blocker. As an attacker she shows good control and has a nice high contact. She needs to be mindful of her timing her approach to when they ball is getting to the setter as she tends to be late or early. Some of her arm mechanics resemble a round house swing - this takes away from her power - with tons of reps and being mindful her swing she could see improvement as we want to see double arms back and then drive them up to go to swing. Lastly she needs to focus on her approach footwork and be more explosive off the ground in her last two steps. As a blocker she needs to continue to develop her proper footwork so that she gets to the ball/hitter quicker and is in a better ready position to jump and block. From the end line she has a standing float serve. Here we want to see her hand contact become more firm and strike ball in middle back of the ball - currently she tends to flick her wrist which puts top spin on the ball. Also to add more power she needs to shift her weight from back foot to forward foot.