Brooke Spears

Oklahoma City, OK
WT:135 LBS
12/18/2014Volleyball Factory Select Training at the NCAA Championship Play in this window
12/06/2014College PREP - Edmond, OK Play in this window
Brooke Spears Oklahoma City, OK 800-641-4487
Grad Year:2018Height:5'10Weight: 135 LBS
Position OH/S Hand:    
Grading Scale

Athletic Assessment

Standing Reach: 87'' Block Touch: 106'' Approach Touch: 114'' Short Shuttle Run: 0.00

Technical Assessment

Serve: 7 Serve Receive: 6 Attack: 5 Block: 5 Dig: 5 Setting: 4

Technical Focus

    • Movement
      • Penetration
      • Movement
      • Footwork
      • Location
      Notes Evaluations Are Reviewed by Kristee Porter
      12/18/2014 - Volleyball Factory Select Training at the NCAA Championship - Brooke is working to build on the foundation she already has as a player. She showed balance in all skills with the ability to continue to grow and work to elevate skill. I would like to see Brooke continue to work to increase power on attack and her defensive range. Brooke is a talented outside hitter that has the ability to play at the next level. She brings good athleticism to the court and has all the tools teams look for at the position. I would like to see her numbers continue to improve as she trains especially in the setting area as it is her second position. I would like to see her continue to work on her arm swing and contacting fully extended on her serve and as a hitter. She can work on having a neutral hold, even release, and consistent location. She is still working on technical details on her pass but gives a quality result. If Brooke can continue to work on the small technical details of each skill, she will be a nice contributor to the right team. She has a huge amount of potential and is willing to learn.
      12/06/2014 - College PREP - Edmond, OK - Brooke is still learning her position but is actively engaged throughout the learning process. She seems willing to know more and once information is provided has the ability to make changes. She ranks above average at her position but there are still signs of youth. I would like to see Brooke compete and train at high level in order to see how fast she can make corrections and how easily she could get to the next level of play for her position. I would like for her to be more vocal on the court and I am sure that will happen as she gains more confidence.