Eshana Parekh

Columbia, MD
WT:130 LBS
12/22/2015MD Elite Team Video  
11/20/2015Maryland Elite Team  
11/12/2015Volleyball Factory - Maryland Elite Tryout  
02/04/2015College PREP - Baltimore, MD Play in this window
12/09/2014MD Elite Team Video Play in this window
11/18/2014Maryland Elite Club Team (16-1)  
11/08/2014Volleyball Factory - Maryland Elite Tryout  
10/25/2014Volleyball Factory - Maryland Elite Clinic  
Eshana Parekh Columbia, MD 800-641-4487
Grad Year:2017Height:5'9Weight: 130 LBS
Position MB Hand:    
High School:Atholton High School Club Team:
Grading Scale

Athletic Assessment

Standing Reach: 89'' Block Touch: 102'' Approach Touch: 106'' Short Shuttle Run: 7.60

Technical Assessment

Serve: 5 Serve Receive: 5 Attack: 5 Block: 5 Dig: 5 Setting: N/A

Technical Focus

  • (CT) Float
  • Posture
  • Movement
      • Posture
      • Movement
      • Posture
      Notes Evaluations Are Reviewed by Kristee Porter
      02/04/2015 - College PREP - Baltimore, MD - Eshana is working to build on the foundation she already has as a player. She showed balance in all skills with the ability to continue to grow and work to elevate skill. She seems willing to know more and once information is provided has the ability to make changes. In regards to serving, Eshana can work on the consistency of her toss and hand contact on ball so that she is capable of having a consistent serve. In serve receive, she can improve on being in a low, ready position and can be quicker and more efficient getting to the ball. I would like for her to be more vocal on the court and I am sure that will happen as she gains more confidence through playing experience. Defensively, she needs to be ready to pursue the ball. She can improve this by being more aggressive. She can improve this reaction time by having her weight on her toes, instead of on her heels and by reading the game better. Offensively, Eshana has the tendency to get very tight to the net when she is hitting. She can improve this with her transition footwork, which will also help her give the setter more space. She can improve her hitting by having a stronger wrist and arm swing, which will then give the ball more power. While blocking, Eshana touches many balls, but can improve her footwork, penetration, and communication. By improving her footwork she will be able to stay out of the net, have good spacing with other blockers, and not swing her arms at balls that are close to the net. As Eshana is blocking she needs to be more vocal, press over the net, and be more aggressive. Overall, Eshana is still improving as a player but is on the right track as she works to smooth out her play.