Jasmyne Eastland

Houston, TX
WT:150 LBS
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Jasmyne Eastland Houston, TX info@factoryathletics.com 800-641-4487
Grad Year:2016Height:5'3Weight: 150 LBS
Position S/L Hand: Right   
High School:MacArthur Club Team:
Grading Scale

Athletic Assessment

Standing Reach: 0'' Block Touch: 0'' Approach Touch: 0'' Short Shuttle Run: 0.00

Technical Assessment

Serve: 7 Serve Receive: 6 Attack: 4 Block: 5 Dig: 6 Setting: 6

Technical Focus

  • (CT) Float
  • Contact
  • Posture
  • Movement
  • Platform
      • Posture
      • Posture
      • Tempo
      Notes Evaluations Are Reviewed by Kristee Porter
      12/18/2014 - Volleyball Factory Select Training at the NCAA Championship - Jasmyne is working to build on the foundation she already has as a player. She showed balance in all skills with the ability to continue to grow and work to elevate her skill. I would like to see her challenged a bit more by running a faster offense by lowering the height of her sets and working on some technical details, like footwork and automatically having a neutral hold for her setting hands. She showed the ability to make adjustments quickly and take instruction well. She is still learning and developing but her progress demonstrated that she is capable of adapting. I would like to see her numbers continue to improve as she trains, especially in her defensive range. She is still working on technical details on her pass, but her efforts yield a quality result and she finds targets majority of the time. As she continues to grow, she will smooth out some of the rough spots and be a great addition to the right collegiate program. Jasmyne doesn't have a lot of size but she makes up for it in personality and athleticism.
      08/13/2014 - College PREP - Houston, TX - Jasmyne is still working on developing all aspects of her position as a setter but possesses good qualities that make her successful. She has the ability to effortlessly push balls to the pins from distance and has good placement. I would like to see the height and speed consistency to level out with each set in the offense but overall has a good foundation to work with. If Jasmyne can continue to train her footwork in pursuit of balls arriving on time and getting square it will elevate her play tremendously. As a court leader, I would like her to be more vocal and direct her hitters as she creates opportunities for them to score. Jasmyne is still working to put all of the pieces together as far as becoming a complete setter and with more attention to defense and movement she will be well on her way to assisting the right team collegiately.