Jenna Gaines

Concord, NC
WT:120 LBS
07/13/2017Volleyball Factory Select Summer Training Camp at Lake Placid Play in this window
06/03/2017College PREP - Charlotte, NC Play in this window
Jenna Gaines Concord, NC 800-641-4487
Grad Year:2018Height:5'8Weight: 120 LBS
Position S Hand: Right   
High School:Jay M Robinson Club Team:Storm Volleyball
Grading Scale

Athletic Assessment

Standing Reach: 86'' Block Touch: 103'' Approach Touch: 105'' Short Shuttle Run: 5.00

Technical Assessment

Serve: 7 Serve Receive: 6 Attack: 5 Block: 6 Dig: 6 Setting: 7

Technical Focus

  • Toss
  • Contact
      • Penetration
      • Posture
      • Movement
      • Footwork
      Notes Evaluations Are Reviewed by Kristee Porter
      07/13/2017 - Volleyball Factory Select Summer Training Camp at Lake Placid - Jenna Gaines is a 2018 setter. She is a good setter who is able to consistently get the ball to each pin with her strongest set being her back set. She does a great job with communicating with her hitters. As any dedicated good setter she is always looking for ways to improve. Currently she is focused on getting her feet to the ball & get square not matter how tough the pass is. From the end line she has a good float serve - she recently started working on a jump float serve that could be the most effective option moving forward for her as it is the more aggressive serve. Defensively she is a vocal player who is able to make plays. Her biggest focus defensively, like all defenders, is not cheat and wait and see the play happen and then react. Over the course of the four days when she stayed discipline she was very successful with touches and digs. With Jenna entering her senior year we are anxious and excited to see where she ends up committing to. We know that with her hard work she will be a good addition to a collegiate program.
      06/03/2017 - College PREP - Charlotte, NC - Jenna has a nice touch on the ball and has the ability to set the ball from pin to pin. She had a good command of the court and looked comfortable working in a try-out situation with new players. Jenna can deliver a good ball to the outside, and can put up a hittable set off of a medium pass. She can set a quick set in the middle along with a consistent 2 set. We did not have as much success with a 3 set and that is something I feel she can develop with reps and feedback. Back sets were at times very hittable but sometimes inconsistent. I think Jenna should work on taking the ball higher over her forehead and not allow her hands to drop as far before she makes contact to set. She is good server who can score points or get the other side in trouble. It was nice to have a setter like Jenna in a try-out situation as she was able to take charge of her side.