Laiani McCullough

Beaufort, SC
WT:160 LBS
07/13/2017Volleyball Factory Select Summer Training Camp at Lake Placid Play in this window
07/17/2016Volleyball Factory Summer Classic Play in this window
04/15/2016College PREP - Tampa, FL Play in this window
Laiani McCullough Beaufort, SC 800-641-4487
Grad Year:2021Height:5'7Weight: 160 LBS
Position OH/L Hand: Right   
High School:BATTERY CREEK HIGH SCHOOL Club Team:Lowcountry Volleyball
Grading Scale

Athletic Assessment

Standing Reach: 87'' Block Touch: 109'' Approach Touch: 110'' Short Shuttle Run: 5.00

Technical Assessment

Serve: 7 Serve Receive: 6 Attack: 8 Block: 6 Dig: 5 Setting: N/A

Technical Focus

    • Posture
    • Timing
    • Penetration
    • Posture
    • Movement
    • Contact
      Notes Evaluations Are Reviewed by Kristee Porter
      07/13/2017 - Volleyball Factory Select Summer Training Camp at Lake Placid - Laiani McCullough is a 2021 outside hitter. She has a great arm and good power behind the ball when she attacks - with continued practice, nothing but good things will come for her. She is considered an offensive threat where she scores easily due to her fast arm & high contact. As a passer Laiani makes good angles which puts up a good ball for the setter. Defensively she has great potential to be a good defender - she does a good job with diving for balls outside of her body. With continued work on keeping arms away from her body and holding her platform together she will produce a consistent ball with good location for the setter. At the net blocking she does a nice job of having quick feet and proper footwork to get out to the pins, especially on the faster sets. Laiani is continuing to work on her block penetration by pressing over the block and not swatting at the ball. One she gets this she will be a very effective blocker. From the end line she delivers a jump float serve with good power and contact which is difficult to pass by her opponents. Entering her freshmen year of high school, Laiani shows good potential of landing herself at a good quality program if she continues to focus on the areas that she worked on at camp. She will be a great addition to a collegiate program.
      07/17/2016 - Volleyball Factory Summer Classic - Laiani is a 2021 Outside Hitter. She had good speed and consistency on her serve with a good location while serving zones. During defense and passing, she had good ball control with a solid platform creating a settable ball, while working to gain more ground laterally it will allow her to become a big threat in the back court. She makes a fluid movement from serve receive and transitioning to the outside with a good backswing and creating a high touch on the ball making it easy for her to work around the block. Laiani is currently working on her defense off the net and transition out for the attack. Overall, she is a hard working player and with continued coaching, reps and exposure she will have the opportunity to play at the collegiate level.
      04/15/2016 - College PREP - Tampa, FL - Laiani is a 2021 Outside Hitter with great potential to play at a great school! Laiani has an aggressive float serve that stays low and over the net making it tough for passers to get a quality pass. With her offense she puts up a big swing with an aggressive approach being able to hit the back corner of the court, in the back court she was constantly improving on her passing and defense making quick adjustments and being able to get her platform out early. Laiani is young and talented, if she continues to work hard and make the small adjustments each time she steps on the court she will be able to pick the school of her choice!