Larissa Manrique

Mt. Airy, MD
WT:110 LBS
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Larissa Manrique Mt. Airy, MD 800-641-4487
Grad Year:2020Height:5'3Weight: 110 LBS
Position S Hand:    
High School:South Carroll Club Team:Momentum
Grading Scale

Athletic Assessment

Standing Reach: 85'' Block Touch: 99'' Approach Touch: 103'' Short Shuttle Run: 4.63

Technical Assessment

Serve: 7 Serve Receive: 5 Attack: 5 Block: 4 Dig: 6 Setting: 7

Technical Focus

  • (CT) Float
  • (CT) Jump Float
  • Platform
  • Timing
  • Arm Swing
  • Contact & Follow Through
    • Movement
    • Emergency Skills
    • Footwork
    • Location
    Notes Evaluations Are Reviewed by Kristee Porter
    09/17/2017 - College PREP - Potomac, MD - Larissa Manrique is a 2020 setter. Larissa has been working with the Factory for the past few years and continues to show signs of improvement as a setter. She has a smooth release and squares to her target consistently. Her volleyball IQ has gotten higher and is able to run an offense. She continues to work to improve by working on her location - using more legs to push balls out to the pins - and by developing a faster tempo offense. Defensively she creates good angles with her platform and stays low. At time she hesitates or lets the ball beat her but this will continue to get better as she gets more reps, learns to read the hitters more and continues to play competitively. From the end line she has a consistent standing float that passes low to the net and is difficult to pass. Continuing to work on her game she is now developing her jump float serve and shows signs that it could be a strong option after more reps and coaching. Larissa is only in her sophomore year and shows continued growth each year. At the Factory we are excited to see how she continues to develop and where she will play in years to come.
    07/30/2016 - College PREP - Baltimore, MD - Larissa is 2020 Setter. Larissa had a solid jump float serve that she could move around making it hard for the passers to read. Her passing/defense showed consistency creating a platform that was out early and produced a good location. Larissa is able to set a good location ball each time that is high enough for her hitters to create an aggressive play on the ball. Right now she is working on her communication with her hitters and creating a faster offense. Overall, Larissa is a hard working player and with continued coaching, reps and exposure she will have the opportunity to play at a collegiate program.
    12/22/2015 - MD Elite Team Video - Larissa is 2020 Setter. Larissa has a good jump float serve that has good location and distances. Her passing and defense showed consistency and good hustle towards every ball, she got her platform out early and produce a good location. She did a good job squaring up to the pins before making her set to the hitters. During 6 on 6 gameplay she opens up towards her defense and closed on contact creating it harder for the blockers to know where she was about to set which made it possible for her to give her hitters an open attack creating easy sideouts. Right now she is working on releasing faster from defense to arrive early for the set. Overall Larissa is a hard working player and with continued coaching, reps and exposure she will have the opportunity to play at the collegiate level.
    01/10/2015 - College PREP - Baltimore, MD - Larissa is still learning her position but is actively engaged throughout the learning process. She seems willing to know more and once information is provided has the ability to make changes. I would like to see her partake in more training sessions in order to see how fast she can make corrections and how easily she could get to the next level of play for her position. I would like to see her attacking score improve as well as her block so that she an even bigger threat to the other side of the net. Lastly, I would like her to be more vocal on the court and I am sure that will happen as she gains more confidence through playing experience.